We view mental health differently.

MotlMD is an integrative approach to mental health that combines Eastern and Western medicine with cutting-edge assessments and evidence-based treatments.

The result? An exceptional healing experience.

“We are converging medicines from East and West to restore balance
and bring healing to your life.”

— Dr. John Motl

Our founders, Dr. John Motl and Mare Brooks Motl, have decades of experience treating mental health disorders and witnessing patients discover their healing potential when viewed through the lens of innate worth and wholeness.

MotlMD, based on science, but rooted in compassion and a desire to improve mental healthcare, was created to offer an exceptional treatment experience for individuals seeking a more comprehensive approach to healing.

Meet the Team

John Motl, MD
Medical Director, Founder of MotlMD

“Symptoms are a message, not a defect.”

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Mare Brooks-Motl, LMFT, CMHIMP, Clinical Director, Founder of MotlMD

“If given the opportunity to become all that I am, without judgment, there freedom exists.”

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A symptom is a message from yourself to yourself…


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