Mare Brooks-Motl, LMFT, CMHIMP

Clinical Director

“If given the opportunity to become all that I am, without judgment, there freedom exists.”

Mare is a mindfulness-based, integrative therapist who knows individuals are more than the diagnoses they’ve been given. Having worked in various mental health settings, she has experience helping both agencies and clients meet and exceed their goals.

With over thirty years of mindfulness and meditation training, Mare’s understanding of human suffering extends beyond her conventional psychotherapy training. Her ability to sit with and transform suffering is a gift to both the clients she serves and the team at MotlMD.

As Clinical Director and co-founder of MotlMD, Mare has experience facilitating the growth of mental health programs throughout Sacramento and Northern Arizona. She is passionate about Integrative Healthcare and improving the way mental health symptoms are diagnosed and subsequently treated.

She is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and has expanded her training to include EMDR, NLP, DBT, MBSR, and Heartmath. She is also a Certified Mental Health Integrative Medicine Provider (CMHIMP), which provides her with the knowledge and skill to offer alternative and complementary mental and physical healing approaches.

Mare understands there is no cookie-cutter approach to healing. As Clinical Director, she views each patient through the lens of their unique history and includes them in the treatment process. She knows healing is possible when one is held with compassion and learns to see themselves as whole and unconditionally worthy.

She looks forward to serving you.


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