Genetic testing, or Pharmacogenomics, is an example of precision medicine which aims to tailor medical treatment decisions to each person and their unique genetic makeup.

Different genes are involved in the processing of medications and substances.

These genes can be expressed in over 700,000 different combinations and those differences can impact how drugs are metabolized, or broken down, in the body.

Your DNA can affect multiple steps in this process to influence how you respond to the drug and how well they work.

This test uses your genome to assist in making treatment decisions by giving you information on which medication selection and dosage may be more effective based on your genetic makeup.

Knowing this information can help your doctor recommend medication better suited for your body.

Who Can Benefit from Pharmacogenomic Testing?

Genetic medication testing may be beneficial for anyone who:

  • Is taking psychiatric medications, especially multiple medications
  • Feel their medications are not working properly
  • Notice their medications seem to be causing side effects

Findings from testing can lead to better outcomes through improved medication safety and efficacy. Testing can also be more cost-effective due to less time spent with medication trial and error.


What Does Genetic Testing Look Like?

The collection process at MotlMD is painless and takes less than 5 minutes to complete- the inside of your cheek is swabbed using two cotton swabs- one for each cheek.

Your sample will then be sent to the lab for analysis for you.

If it is more convenient for you, we provide the option for at-home sample collection.

Why Choose MotlMD?

Our team has decades of experience appreciating the power pharmacogenomics can have in helping clients and providers make decisions with their personal genome in mind.

Genetic medication testing must be ordered by and used only in consultation with a healthcare provider who can prescribe medications.

Our Neuropsychiatrist Dr. Motl is registered to administer this test and has years of experience using the findings to help our clients make more informed treatment decisions.


Our team genuinely listens to your concerns.

We can help connect the dots to help return your mind and body to health.

A simple cheek swab can lead to a treatment plan catered uniquely to you.


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