You are more than your symptoms. Much more.

The Motl Model is the heart and science behind everything we do.

Mental health is at a crossroads. Many patients are frustrated with conventional treatments based almost entirely around pharmaceutical interventions. While medication can be helpful, the lack of thorough assessment and testing leaves many patients wrongly medicated and struggling with persistent symptoms.

The Motl Model assesses mental health symptoms through multiple diagnostic lenses to accurately diagnose and treat symptoms. It was designed to improve mental health services and offer a comprehensive approach to treatment.

The Motl Model: Eastern Medicine - Western Medicine - Personalized Care

Mental health disorders are complex, and treatment is often recommended based on symptoms alone.

This trial and error approach is frustrating and often results in poor outcomes. By viewing symptoms through multiple lenses, The Motl Model can pinpoint the imbalances contributing to troubling symptoms and provide a more accurate diagnosis.

Traditional Chinese Medicine + Integrative Medicine

Non-Invasive Brain Scanning: QEEG

Clinical Assessments + Psychological Testing

In-depth Laboratory Testing + Genetic Testing

When it comes to treatment, one size does not fit all. Together, our team reviews all testing and works together to form an accurate diagnosis. Then we collaborate with you to create personalized treatment plans.


Our team includes doctors, psychologists, therapists, and YOU. When it comes to your care, we work together. You are unique, and your treatment should reflect your desired goals. What matters to you, matters to us.

Informed Consent

We explain the benefits and risks of treatment with you and create personalized treatment plans to meet your individual goals. Concerned about risks associated with treatment? We work with you to reduce risk while restoring health and balance.

Integrative Treatment

Our treatment model combines eastern and western medicine to heal the underlying cause of symptoms and restore balance to your life. While conventional medicine has a role in treatment, our approach was designed to reduce the need for medication and offer a better patient experience.


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